Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Peanut & Purls: (Battlestar Galactitca) Sock update

It feels like the last week of my life has been solely dedicated to these socks. Well...I guess just singular, sock, since I haven't finished one, let alone started on the second. The first sock always takes longer to knit. Right?

I really love the pattern. (You can read about the sock's dirty details on my last post.) One thing that gives me knitter's remorse is the yarn color. The malabrigo sock yarn is really swell, and it feels nice to knit with. I like the color just fine as a color, but whenever I used striping or gradient yarn to knit socks, I ALWAYS regret it. I regret it like I regret when I paint my nails with yellow nail polish. The nail polish is on my mind because I just painted my nails--painted them yellow in fact. The whole time I was painting them I thought, hmmmmm this isn't good. Inevitably, the yellow nail polish looks trashy, and, even with a base coat, it usually stains my nails. After I remove the yellow nail polish, my fingernails look like they have been spending a lot of quality time with tobacco. Anyway, I digress...  A pattern as fabulous as Glenna's Battlestar Galactica socks would appear so much more splendid with solid yarn. My heart wants me to knit these in some solid gray yarn. Note to the reader: my heart always wants me to knit everything with gray yarn. Knit socks can usually get away with being hideous (I have seen some horrendous colorways on sock yarn).

I know I'll finish them in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, I won't have enough episodes of the ENTIRE series of the West Wing left to see this project through. I started this project at the beginning of Season 6. These socks will go through an entire season. I received confirmation from a non-knitter (but a TOTAL Battlestar Galactica fan) that "Viper pilot" makes a lot of sense because the plans are shaped like the arrows on the socks. Score one for Glenna!

Just so you know I wasn't making up the whole yellow nail polish thing. Genevieve provides the purrrfect nail backdrop (you see what I did there?).

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