Friday, October 25, 2013

Top Five: Paper Halloween Costumes

Paper Lion by IL Monda di Ingrid

With Halloween quickly approaching, and some of us (me, yikes!) still without costumes it's getting to the point where you start looking around the house and wonder, what can I make out of random things I already have?

In the past two years I have conceptualized my costumes early, but even with the best intentions I still end of the day of hunched over at sewing machine. This year I think I'll turn to a recyclable medium and hop on the paper bag costume train...

Paper Octopus by Strode College Student, UK

 I couldn't trace by the original origin of the actual student that designed and created this, but it is super impressive. I think sea creatures are always a win when it comes to Halloween... well unless you dress up as a sexy tuna or something; then again, the right person may be able to pull it off.

 I love this idea. What are the kids going to be for Halloween? Don't know, don't worry! Just cover them in paper bags!! It looks like we have an owl, some sort of military officer, and a girl in a lovely paper bag ensemble. The site is foreign, so unfortunately there isn't much else for me to tell about these, but if you are fluent in Russian (?) and want to let us know what's going on here, please do.

How to Effectively Win an Argument, by Linus & The Feel Good Factory

 Linus & The Feel Good Factory has ample paper costume ideas, from an executioner to a tuft of grass... you should really check it out. This is a great reminder that you don't have to deck out head to toe in paper, but you can definitely make a great accessory to bring an outfit together.

Paper bag Princess, by Pan's Cosplay Site

And last but not least, deck out in head to toe paper, and be the Paper bag Princess! For those few of you that may not remember the book by Robert Munsch, it's worth a read and to be honored with a Halloween costume for that matter! This is Pan's version of the costume, she is a young Canadian that fell in love with cosplay. I like her version, because a lot of women turn try to turn this costume in to sexy paper bag princess, which I don't so much like.

So there are some fun flammable costume ideas for your last minute costume (and not so last minute since some of them are really complex and beautiful). 

And if you ever wondered about why women celebrate Halloween with sexy (insert noun here) costumes, you can enjoy this YouTube video from Cristen Conger, of Stuff Mom Never Told You, about 'Slutoween'

If your curious about what I was in past years check out my Mountain costume, and Fantastic Mrs. Fox

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