Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Peanut & Purls and head colds...

I have a raging head cold. The kind of head cold that prohibits you from feeling like a normal person of completing everyday tasks like walking, moving, and breathing. I tried to get some knitting done while I lounged, but even that proved too much at times. These pictures were taken this weekend before I felt really gross.

You might remember this alpaca yarn from my post about my day trip to Port Townsend. I'm stilling loving the watercolor look to this yarn and it's general floofy-ness. 

 Peanut remember and she loves it. I'm doing a moss stitch on this, and boy do I love a good moss stitch!

Fine nap on me...but I will put yarn on your head.

I can't wait for this cold to go away. I can hear my heart beating in my ear. That's just not right.


  1. Oh man knitting and my cats do not mix! always ends up with yarn bitten in half! What a patient little kitten!

    1. It's the truth! However, my cat isn't very patient, she was just cold, cuddly, and sleepy.


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