Thursday, October 3, 2013

Made and Found: Lisa Frank Art

You know you love it. Every 80's and 90's kid loves Lisa Frank. I've been re-fallen in love with Lisa Frank over the last couple of months. It happened when I moved and with all the packing and unpacking, I decided to dig through my sticker collection (I have so many leftover collections from my childhood).

I have my stickers organized by die cut stickers (pictured above), quarter Lisa Franks (directly below), and the coveted full sheets (see next picture below).

Lisa Frank makes me happy. Like really, really happy. I can remember how excited I was when my mom would drive us to Target, and I could spend my allowance on a new Lisa Frank sticker pack or sticker box.

I decided to throw some respect Lisa Frank's way and paint a Lisa Frank painting for my new house. I started with the classic dolphin because why wouldn't you?

My plan is to eventually have a full fledged oil painting full of my favorite Lisa Frank stickers.

Where was PW during this whole process? Assisting of course!

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