Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Handmade Home: 'C' is for Sisters

 Sometimes you luck out and have two sisters whose names both start with a 'C', and a rubber 'C' stamp. On the rare occasions when the planets align like this you have to take advantage and shoot for the stars (does this make sense, if not forgive me).

I have been making clutches lately, and really enjoying it, so when I got an idea in my head for some sisters clutches I had to make it so...

 This duck cloth was on sale and when I saw it I just knew that I wanted to use it for the bags. I haven't worked with this fabric before, but I love the heavy cotton canvas, it just feels so nice.

I decided to use my stamp to make a repeating gold 'C' pattern on the fabric. I haven't used this method previously either, and had to make some adjustments because the gold fabric paint was a bit light. Luckily, it provided a really nice outline that I could go back over with a small square brush and add a couple more coats of paint.

 I feel like it worked out pretty well, and I was happy to hand them over to my sisters. Which I could do in person since I am home for a quick autumn visit!

Of course I added a gold magnet closure so all their treasures, trinkets and currency doesn't slip out. There you have it, sisters clutches.

I recently made some fall inspired clutches, follow the link if you'd like to check them out.

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