Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hey, I won this third place ribbon at the Washington State Fair. Third place in a category with three entries + a participant ribbon? Pride of the Nicolai sisters. Well. Now that we have an idea of the competition, we're going to bring it next year. 

Just a stormy, lovely day outside a hardware store in Tacoma. 

Our chicken-raising neighbors keep us supplied with the most beautiful eggs. It's almost a shame to eat them. 

I've been cat/housesitting for a friend way out in the sticks. It's been so stormy that I think this was the first night I saw an actual clearish sky sunset. Not too shabby, Yelm, not too shabby. 

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  1. What category... Vague editorials that leave the judges wanting more, to choose from?

    Stormy Tacoma fading to semi-bright sunset in Yelm (sigh) heaven. :-)

    1. Ha! Yeah, I should have mentioned the category. It was needle felting, and I entered a felted narwhal I'd made for Catherine. It was a very last minute decision, and I didn't anticipate the judges very well. I don't think people really knew what it was, and the narwhal looked sort of sad and tiny in the case next to the other entries. But I have learned and will apply my new knowledge to next year!

      And it is very pretty here this time of year. :)


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