Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A week-ending we shall go...

The weather just turned here in, recently not so sunny California, and I am taking advantage to the full effect. How you may ask? Well to start off with I'm sitting inside and enjoying my light drenched living room and indoor foliage.

I recently got this beautiful plant and potted it. I'm so excited to bring some more greenery inside, every time I look at it I feel a little bit of serenity wash over me. I do have to say that my biggest upset with getting a new plant is what to pot it in. I find that ceramic pots are too expensive, and typically not the most aesthetically pleasing. I lucked out and found the above pot at Home Depot for $12 and some change. All I had to do was give it a quick glitz with some gold spray paint and voila, a pot that I seriously enjoy.

Another thing I did, while I was not outside taking advantage of the weather, was finish up wedding invitations. Every invite, insert, rsvp, and envelope had a water color brush to it. Since it's going to be a small party it wasn't too large of a task, and I really enjoyed it. Apparently, you give me a creative project with a lot of organized repetitive movements and I'm happy.

Hopefully your weather is turning too, so you can find projects to keep you inside, just make sure to open a window.


  1. Happy Wedding Monika. Every guest will feel the honor of being included when they first open your beautiful invitations.


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