Thursday, August 22, 2013

Made and Found

It happened. I found more yarn. I took a day off work and went up to Port Townsend with Christine and my mom. We had a splendid little day that consisted of beer, pizza, walking around, water, Fort Worden, air plants, and yarn! Not just boring blah yarn...ALPACA!

I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, I love alpacas. We stopped by one yarn store, but it was just sort of ho-hum. I saw a sign for another store called Bazaar Girls, and it turns out, I know (I know) who the winner is. The winner was me...and the winner was also Bazaar Girls for being an awesome shop. Also, on Thursday nights they have Nip'n'Knit night. You get to drink and knit! Drink! Knit!!!
In summation, I spent some proper USDs there.

I got this really soft baby alpaca hand-painted lace in hues that will remind me of Port Townsend's coast. One of the Bazaar Girls suggested a nice shrug. Hmmm, maybe! 

I had never heard of Misti Alpaca before, but I'm on board. I also picked up 2 skeins of there bulky baby alpaca in a shade that I describe as white with water color highlights. Maybe another cowl like the one I'm currently knitting.

 Fun fact! Misti Alpaca farms in Peru is a fourth generation business located at the base of the Misti Volcano. Misti Alpaca yarn was founded by a grandson of one of the original alpaca exporters in Peru! Maybe I should go to Peru...

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