Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brief Musical Interlude: TJ Smith & The Foundations

I saw this via Thought Catalog this weekend and like everyone else in the world was utterly charmed by the idea and the guy in the minivan who is SO INTO IT (Oh, you'll see). TJ Smith has three other Highway Sing-a-long videos, but I think this one is probably tops for cheeriness and commuter participation. As I've mentioned before, we sisters are very into singing and dancing in the car, and there have been times when we've been spotted by other drivers. You can either slink into your seat or go on with the show, and I think going on with the show is the best course of action. Obviously. 

One time in Spokane, Catherine and I were jamming out to some Lion King soundtrack in her 4Runner. "Hakuna Matata" came on, and you know she had some dance moves for that dance. A guy caught her singing and arm dancing while we were stopped at a light, and he was getting a major kick out of it. When the light turned green, Catherine gave him a sharp military salute with a smile and we drove off. Fun for us. Fun for him. 

I think the idea of serenading other drivers, especially in L.A. traffic is awesome. If Monika runs into TJ, you better believe she'll bring it Nicolai style. 

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