Saturday, October 12, 2013


Mom is visiting and she and I went crazy thrifting yesterday. We were headed to our third location when we ran in to (not literally of course) some police horses, with men on them. It was very unexpected.

Here are some other expected and unexpected things that happened to me recently...

I went to a very Jesus-y thrift store. You could tell that the Lord had some sway here, the prices were really generous.

Found this picture in a book about ships. I thought it seemed about right.

I found my very first lady bug in California! It was on my project, so that's really exciting. Good luck (for my projecting, not her children because they are home and the house is on fire).

Also, I went to a very (extremely) late showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Since high school it's had a small, yet fond, place in my memory. I would have to say that I showed my age when I fell asleep and had the ushers (?) come and scream at me to wake me up. Embarrassing and annoying. 

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  1. oh my that boat looks divine! I want to be on it right now!


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