Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Peanut & Purls: Golden Birthday!

Peanut, what in the world am I going to do with you? Peanut was always been the fluffiest, cleanest, little fluffer-nutter in the whole world (notice the past tense?). Part of settling into the new house for Peanut means digging in everything, all the time, everywhere. Because there's a garage attached to the house, she has quick, easy access to dust and dirt. Would you just look at those paws!?! She's been prancing around with these dirty mittens for days. I think a bath is in her future.

Fluffy white paws or dirty gray mitts, she's still the same cat helper, and she was ready to help me put together a terrarium for one swell lady who recently celebrated her golden birthday! For those of you who don't know, a golden birthday is when you turn the same age as the date you were born on. My dear friend Lindsey just turned 27 on the 27th (she also pointed out that it was pretty nifty to be 26 on the 26th and 27 on the 27th). The theme was gold, obvi, so I decided to make her a terrarium complete with some of my own succulent pups and a special little nod to an inside joke. Cue the alpaca!!!

I know you haven't forgotten about my dream of owning an alpaca, well it didn't slip past Lindsey either. Earlier this year Lindsey decided to visit an alpaca farm in her hometown during a weekend visit. Things got a little interesting when she ended up getting a tour of the alpaca farm...alone...with a very eager alpaca caretaker....when the farm was closed...the important thing is she lived to tell about it, took lots of photos to show me, AND she got to hold an alpaca. Totally worth it.

The sisters think terrariums are only complete when the perfect little token of love has been added. Lindsey's terrarium needed a gilded alpaca to watch over all the succulents. Christine helped me track down an alpaca in these things called Toobs (found at JoAnn's). They make a Toob for everything, seriously. Little bit of spray paint and it's shiny and perfect!

I got the oversized fishbowl at JoAnn's, filled it with succulent soil, and added all the different specimens. After the alpaca was placed, Peanut approved with a thorough sniffing of the plants, and all that needed to be done was present it to Lindsey.

I think the subtle hint of gold was perfect, and Lindsey loved it! That Lindsey, she brought special gold party favors. I haven't had party favors since I don't know when--it sure made my night (there was also a little single serving of wine in the party bag)!

Lindsey really got me thinking about needing to prep for my golden birthday, luckily I have a few years...31 on the 31st!


  1. Oh! What month? I'm January. 21 years ago we didn't hear much about the Golden Birthday. We may have said, "hey, 31 on the 31st!" but, a theme birthday did not occur to us.... darn.

    1. Yeah, I don't think Golden Birthdays are something everyone grows up hearing about. I don't remember the first time I heard about it. Lindsey's birthday was in August!

  2. I absolutely love cat paws, there is something so sweet about them. One of ours occasionally gets theirs mucky too and I'm always tempted to break out the cat bath, but feel like that would end in (my) tears.

    1. Yes! Cat paws are so precious. I feel the same way about baths. They're supposed to take care of that themselves, and I don't need any more cat scratches!


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