Saturday, October 19, 2013


I've been seriously feeling Lisa Frank lately. I mean I cannot get enough. I even found some old Lisa Frank pee chees. Is that even an ok term to use? What does pee chee mean? Why not just folders?
Anyway, as you saw last week, I've been taking my love to the canvas and painting my own L.F. treasures.

I also found my Dover First Ladies Coloring Book. I love Dover. I mean, who doesn't? Christine used some of her favorite Dover coloring books as inspiration for some amazing deep sea tea towels.

Mushroom collecting. Read all about mushrooms and some tasty raviolis from earlier in the week.

Fall has definitely arrived. The cats are clingy and a little cold. I turned the heat on because I could start seeing my breath in the house. I don't leave it on during the day because that's just wasteful. You can't sit down without a cat on your lap in like 2 minutes. It's the best!

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