Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make: Fantastic MRS. Fox

So this Halloween I finally got Ben to do a couples costume, how exciting (for me). I am certain he agreed based on two things; first he could just wear his own clothes, and second he saw how much time I had already put in to the  fox masks. Now that I know the recipe, I will take laziness and guilt, throw it into a bucket of festivities and bake a cake of awesome couples Halloween costumes every year!

Allow me to introduce to you our Fantastic Mr. (and Mrs.) Fox, costumes...

To make the masks, I used your basic newspaper shreds and flour/water solution, applied layer after layer, and cheated by blowdrying it. I also have to admit that I cheated (in a big way) by taking advantage of the fact that I have a giant ceramic wolf head. Sorry, but not sorry. You have to use what you got, ladies and gents.

Ben was very lovely and helped me by painting his mask; it was really in his best interest because at that point I still had to sew my dress. I did still have to take a little (totally overwhelming) walk around the block, but we made it through.

I used one of the vintage patterns my Mom loaded up on me when I was home in August. See, Mom, look at me go! I made my fleur-de-lis skirt with some of your fabric, and now a dress with one of your patterns! I had one more thing to do then I was ready to go.

I didn't want to carry a purse. So I quickly constructed a custom apron to hold my paintbrushes (aka character accessories), phone, ID, and lip gloss. Once the painted apples dried we were out the door...

If your not familiar with Fantastic Mr. Fox, you really should be. It's a sweet stop- motion animation flick that Wes Anderson adapted from Roald Dahl's novel. Although I haven't actually read a lot of Roald Dahl, I would say I do have a fondness for him. He writes of whimsy and darkness simultaneously, and I can't wait to really get into some Dahl this fall!

Are you in dire straits costume-wise? Check out some of my other costume ideas... Skeletor Skin, Jon Snow & Ghost, and DIY Volcano. Happy Halloweening!

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