Friday, September 27, 2013

Top 5: Summer Jams I Already Miss

I know I've made a couple whiney remarks about the end of summer, but really, I'm an autumn girl. I like crisp, cool weather; tights and scarves and lightweight jackets; chimney smoke; and darkness. Still, summer has some key components to my happiness: lots of light (for me, part of being an "adult" has been recognizing that while I don't necessarily like light, I require it), hot and dry weather (on a good 90s day in Spokane, when the skin feels all hot and tight on your face: love it.), and the opportunity to drive around with the windows down and listen to happy, jammy, sing-a-along, good times music...

So I always get a little bummed when I realize that it's suddenly too cool to drive with open windows, too rainy to engage in any serious car dancing on the interstate, and too dismal to enjoy my summer music in a way that doesn't feel forced. These are not real problems. I understand that completely. Yet...mega-sigh.

OK, I love this song. It's on my dance playlist, and I kitchen danced to it so much while making pickles this summer. But now that I've seen this video, which is straight up bananas, with its jubilant party glitter gore and outfits for days? I am amazed! And it makes me love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs even more. 

Why would this be one of my favorite jams of the summer? There is no earthly reason except that it has a beat, and I kind of do want to whip my hair back and forth...especially since Willow Smith says whip my hair back and forth like 78 times in this song. Psh.  Don't let haters get me off my grind. 

At some point this spring I realized that despite what I've been telling myself for years, I actually like Dirty Dancing. I think it happened one rainy Sunday afternoon on the couch. About this time Catherine is probably cataloguing all the times I talked about not liking Dirty Dancing. Yes, sister, you win. 

I rediscovered my Jackass soundtrack while moving from Spokane to Tacoma, and the biggest plus to that discovery is remembering the awesomeness of "Cha Cha Twist." Also, the awesomeness of Jackass--I watched it again (probably another rainy Sunday in spring) and was like, "This stuff right here: hilarious."

I tried to get through this post without repeating any of the songs I've featured in my Wednesday music posts, but it just was not going to happen. Know that I listen to all that shit like non-stop, but Robyn is in pretty heavy rotation on my dance playlist. A lot of car dancing has happened to this, believe me. And I'm pretty sure that Catherine hated this song before she loved it (I'm assuming she does) because I played it ALL THE TIME. 

Anyway, this video is special because Taran Killam recreates the "Call Your Girlfriend" video to a T at 4am in one of the SNL offices. And because Monika showed it to me on the patio at Mom's when we were supposed to be making tissue paper flowers for Vanessa's baby shower but were really trying to top each other with YouTube videos that we loved. We watched a lot of Conan's that day, and Catherine was annoyed that we weren't doing our work. Pretty typical when we all get together. 

Oh, summer, I will miss you. 

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