Friday, September 13, 2013

Top Five: Cat Pictures!!

kemukujara, tumbler

Like any good person who uses Pinterest, I have a pin board dedicated to cute animal pictures, and like most, it is predominately and unapologetically cats!

There are so many cats that really hold down the board, but here is a selection. Enjoy these top five cat pictures...

thejerrytan IMGUR

I hear you cat, sometimes you just have to lay on your belly and read some weird mini magazines on the tile floor. 

source unknown

I love this one for many reasons. The first, obviously, because that puppy really resembles a baby Olive, and she did get attacked by Mom's cat (formerly Christine's cat, long story) Bruno Jenkins. This is one shining example that cats are jerks. I do still like the picture though.

source unknown

Cat, I totally know how you feel. If I was on a soft pillow top mattress all day I would be doing the same thing every time something got stressful, or I just didn't want to deal. Oh wait, if my life consisted of pillow top mattress days maybe I wouldn't have any stress. Mark that on my list of things to try.

Beavers & Eagles, tumbler

Until I saw this picture I never really realized how much a cat can look like an owl: mind blown.

If you want more cat, and other cute animal, pictures you should check out my pin board, Sweet baby sweet. You can be sure that the other sisters have great cat boards so you should check those out too, just hit the little Pinterest logo next to their pictures (sorry if spelling it out to you is insulting, I know you're smart, I just really think it's in your best interest to check it out and don't want you to have any excuses why you wouldn't).

Hope you enjoyed the cats, and Happy Friday the 13th!

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