Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Handmade Home: Ugh! As If!

Clueless Cher Watercolor, by Oh Gosh, Cindy!

On August 23rd Catherine and I received a text message from Christine that said, "I know two sisters who will be receiving a treat in the next week!" It was partly a lie because it didn't arrive until two weeks later, when Catherine was visiting, but it was amazing! Christine got both Catherine and I a watercolored print of Cher from Clueless, by Oh Gosh, Cindy!

I had only taken it out of the envelope a couple times because I didn't want anything to happen to it prior to me getting it safely behind glass, and I finally did...

I love the quotation. You tell'm, Cher.

I've had this frame for quite a while now (years and years) I bought it because I loved the wood, but like most of my other frames, never used it. Although I really like this frame I didn't think it was special enough for the watercolor.

I decided to use some gold paint, and, well, splatter paint the frame.

Of course the picture was just a bit too small for the frame, so I used a brown paper bag, put a coat of white on it, then sprayed some gold on top. I like using paper bags because they have a nice texture that comes through. (On the right is my new stag horn fern, purchased at a nursery in San Diego)

Once the bag dried, I cut it and taped it onto the picture backing.

Done. Now that you're finished with this post, you should visit Oh Gosh, Cindy! She has some amazing other watercolor prints. You won't be disappointed.

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