Monday, September 30, 2013

My bad

I didn't write a Book Report post for today. I mean, obviously.

I was feeling really lazy and and procrastinatory earlier in the week and accomplished nothing.

Then I got sick, which only exacerbated the laziness and procrastination.

Then it was the weekend, and I was sicker.

Then it was Sunday night and there was a hellacious windstorm. The power went out--briefly--and when it came back on, I was like: Done-zo. 

So I went to bed, and Catherine tried to wake me up at 10:59. I told her I was asleep.

At 4AM it thundered so loudly that the house continued to shake even after the thunder was over, and I thought, completely unrelated to the thunderstorm, that we might be having an earthquake. I wondered if I should find something sturdy to crouch beneath, but I decided I was too tired and sick and preferred death to getting out of bed.

You see how it is.

I'll get my act together eventually.

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