Thursday, September 12, 2013

Made and Found Tenenbaums

The sisters and I love some Royal Tenenbaums. This is a picture of when I watched the Royal Tenenbaums in Iceland, because duh, that's just what you do when you're in Iceland. I know that basically everyone loves the Royal Tenenbaums, we really do. Remember that time Christine blogged about who we would be in the Tenenbaum family? She called it Royal Nicolai's!

"Like most families with three siblings and a father who may have caused ruinous damage to his children, we have a very special affinity for the quiet and messy desperation of a family slipping in and out of turmoil. Even though the characters are steeped in darkness, there's goodness, too. They all want to be a family, even if they're unsure what that entails."

I looked around and some some clever and fresh little Tenenbaum crafts that I wanted to share with you. Richie and Margot earrings, you can find them at the Sleepy Mountain shop.

The Nicolai sisters love embroidery. Don't remember Family of Geniuses? You better re-watch to remember. In the meantime, this little table doily is cute and quaint.

When all else fails, there are always notebooks. I think all of us would write our favorite quotes and treasured secret messages in this Three Plays inspired notebook. Maybe I'll put these in Christmas stockings sisters!

And finally, this nice little print of the Tenenbaum home. I love the colors in this!

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