Thursday, September 26, 2013

Made and Found: L A Natural History Museum

When Catherine was just here visiting we made our way down to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, where we explored North American Mammals, African Mammals, Minerals, Dinosaurs, and much more...

Christine and I went here once when she visited and I took her picture in front of these guys. I took her picture a lot that trip, I think she hated it. No, I know she hated it, but I made her do it anyway. It's kind of gratifying that although she complains, some of those pictures have ended up on her profile.

I don't think the picture captures the scale of these Sea Lions, but honestly it kind of takes my breath away to see how enormous they can get.

The mineral room there is pretty impressive, all I have to say about them is that nature is amazing. If you want more minerals you can check out Make Mine Minerals, Christine's post from our last visit.

This trip I think the Rutile was my favorite. On the right side,it looks like the inserts from mechanical pencils entombed in quartz. The Rutile in the from look like little stars, so pretty.

Of course, the Dinosaur exhibit has to be represented.

And last but not least, the bird room. It's sad to see all the dead birds, but I like to think they are all one hundred years old and originally died of natural causes.

If you want more LA Natural History Museum, you can also check out the spider pavilion, or get on down there yourself!

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  1. I thank God I can still pick an apple off my tree and eat it on the spot without having to worry about chemicals.


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