Saturday, September 21, 2013


This may look familiar to you if you caught my post on making charm bracelets earlier this week, there sister beads! Well sort of, they're some beads Catherine and I bought when she was visiting last week and we did some beading. If you haven't guessed it already these are going to be sister visit instagrams, so get excited!

Friday the 13th we went to DisneyLand (and California Adventure of course). It was a lucky day for us, since we got to go on all the favorite rides twice. First of the day the Tower of Terror.

We both seemed to misplace our Mickey and Minnie earrings, so we decided to buy some new ones. As of right now, officially one week later, I believe that we still have both pairs accounted for.

Of course we headed to Malibu because it's super pretty and there is always unexpected fun. This visit held wicked fun, as we sat under the pier while the tide came in and learned why you should never turn your back on the sea.

On our last day we traveled down in to LA to visit the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, it's not the largest museum we've been to, but it's pretty impressive. This is just a tiny sampling of all the beauts they have in their mineral room.

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