Saturday, September 14, 2013


Endless summer? Well, not quite. Even though we've had really summery weather this week (including a day that was in the high eighties), it has most definitely taken a turn towards September in the past 24 hours. Yup, it's getting distinctly autumnal up in Washington. And I'm finding myself in all sorts of conversations about the weather and how early the sun sets these days. This makes me feel really, really old. But seriously. A 7:30 sunset? And fog every morning? Come on! 

This week I received a lovely Rifle Paper Co. card from Catherine--a little thank you correspondence for a Cindy Lesman print I gave her. Sometimes we sisters like to give gifts for no reason in particular. I do believe one of us will talk about our newfound crush on Cindy's work soon enough. In the meantime, you can visit her on etsy at Oh gosh, Cindy! Love your comma usage, girl. 

Here's Peanut in Catherine's washing machine. In all honesty, I put her in there. She seemed slightly curious, so I just picked her up and dropped her in. It's fine. She's totally fine. I did slide the door shut for a second, but like I said, she's fine. Sometimes she acts like a little person and much of the time she acts like a little person who's a total jerk. 

I have retaliated in a couple of instances by, say, shoving her off the bed...but it was always warranted. Because she woke me up at 2:39am and kept me up until 3:48am and I did not want to cuddle with her when she came around at 6:15 because I had to get ready for work. So. I'm not the jerk here. Despite what Catherine may think when she reads this. 

This is the last batch of blackberries I picked and froze. This picking session took place in the middle of a sudden afternoon thunderstorm. I felt incredibly Washingtonian, wending my way through the brambles behind the old trailer and tractor in the pasture, avoiding all the hard-working spiders and little green tree frogs. Not too many scratches, not too much staining. It was a good day. Sadly, I think the blackberries are done for the year--the remainders are all shriveled and brownish. Yet another sign that summer is coming to an end. Gee, I'm such a harbinger of the gloomy season today.

Finally, I treated myself to a new iPhone case. I'd been pretty well married to my old case, purchased when I got my phone, but the silicone bits were all torn and it was so scuffy and sad that I had to upgrade. When I saw this black cat case by Leah Reena Goren, I knew it was time. Everything on her etsy site is a dream, and quite a lot of it is a feline dream. So yeah, I don't mind if I do.

You may have seen her ceramic work featured somewhat recently on Design* Sponge. If you're enchanted by this iPhone case (it also comes in black with white cats!), it may be found on Leah's Society6 page. The girl is taking care of business.

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