Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Handmade Home: Hammocks

It's still technically summer, so you have until September 22nd to get out there and enjoy the weather. These past few months were happily spent after being introduced to the luxury and relaxation that comes with a hammock, peaceful afternoon and your favorite book (and when you get sleepy it easily converts to a gently swinging bed).

Here are some fun ideas to bring the inside outside and set up a nice cozy habitat to enjoy the remaining days of summer...

Hertfordshire Hammocks by Richard Foxcroft 
We had a hammock growing up that was tied between two apple trees. I think it may have been military issued, it was army green, and very basic woven nylon. We would lay down and wrap the hammock around us and hold it closed like a cocoon, and then of course the other participating sister(s) would spin it around. Super dangerous when I think about it.

The Acapulco Chair//HonestlyWTF

When Dawn was living with us she brought her hammock, and I loved how it created an outdoor area where we could lay and enjoy the warm weather. I have a very special place in my heart for creating outdoor rooms. Which reminds me of more childhood sister activities, in particular making little play houses under the trees, you know, we brought inside outside. 
Lounge, Kate Spade NY Blog
If you want to make your own hammock, I am totally contemplating this right now, check out the link below to Design-Milk, they have a great tutorial. Since rope hammocks don't last forever this is also a great resource for restringing your existing hammock.

Two Tone Sail Rope Hammock, by Design-Milk

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