Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Handmade Home: Dream Catchers

After a long day of sitting inside with a overworked air conditioning unit and streaming Orange is the New Black, I finished my dream catchers. I love the idea of dream catchers, that if you hang it above your bed it will catch the bad dreams and hold them in the net, and only the good dreams would filter through and slide down the feathers (in this case braids) and reach the sleeper.

These lovely sentimental items can be dressed with meaningful charms, and natural treasures to bring good dreams and aesthetic charm to your house...

The traditional dream catchers were made with willow, I have also seen some crafters use embroidery hoops, but I went the way of brass rings.

You can really get creative with your color scheme and decorations, to compliment any space.

You can also be very meticulous and go for a very symmetrical woven pattern or you can just make it up as you go, I tried both, the freestyle definitely was fun to do.

For the tails, I used a variety of different embroidery threads, charms, shells, and braids. This is my favorite part; I love picking out the color combinations, and I really love any project that allows me to dive in to my charm stash. I always find things that I have forgotten about, like this kitten in a basket charm!

It's not a difficult project, just time consuming to make sure you put a lot of thought into each little piece, you don't want to risk making a wrong choice and letting those bad dreams through.


  1. I want that kitten in the basket to catch all of my dreams!

  2. I am thinking for a while to make my own dream catcher as well, but still haven't found my perfect hoops/rings for that. I should do that faster, as your catchers are inspiring and now I really Have to make my own dream catchers! :)
    Thanks for this post! :)

    1. Thank you Akwiinas, you should find your hoops and get to work. I'm sure your dream catcher would be lovely. Thank you for your comment!


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