Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Peanut and Purls and Jared Flood

I've blogged about it once (read: three times) and I'll blog about it again. I freaking love Jared Flood and thereby I love Brooklyn Tweed (and vice versa).

I bought some Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn in meteorite (great name). I still haven't finished the guernsey wrap, but I'm working on it. I recently got some knitting in at the airport on my way to California. (FYI, if those aren't some Disneyland-ready nails then I don't know what are.)

Anyway this yarn is magical, Jared is magical, and Brooklyn Tweed's designs are magical. The yarn shows off a pattern like no other, and the lanolin feels amazing. They just came out with a new Fall 2013 look book  and everything in it is serene and full of wonder and the wilderness (seriously, it's all shot in the woods).

I know that some of these patterns are going to work their way into my knitting lineup over the next few months. There's no way around it.


This tread cowl will be mine:

Now, Peanut is a little absent from this purls post. That's because it's starting to get a little chilly here in Olympia. When it gets cold, Peanut gets cuddly. Don't believe me? This is live. Sigh.

She keeps my neck warm though.

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