Monday, September 2, 2013

Book Report Inspiration: DIY embroidered notebook

Reading and writing have always been linked in my mind, so it seems natural to think about books and notebooks together. Growing up, I always had a notebook filled with stories and ideas, possible character names, settings, and quotes I loved from movies and television shows (many of which were from The X-Files and, as you might imagine, totally badass)...

Seeing all the school supplies in stores made me pretty nostalgic for the days when I'd buy a fresh notebook and personalize the cover with drawings, stickers from Hot Topic (REDRUM, obvi), and pictures I'd cut from magazines (mostly skulls and the like). So, I decided it was time to outfit a couple new notebooks.

For this project you'll need: notebooks (I found mine at Target for $1.50), embroidery floss, scissors, and a thick needle. Other helpful items: a thimble, a ruler, pencils and paper to sketch out a design.

Choose your color palette, and sketch out a design on the notebook. Or freehand if you're amazing. I tend to go with simple lines and shapes and need a pattern to follow. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't be ambitious...just remember that you're sewing through cardboard.

There isn't really too much else to say as far as instructions go. Just start sewing. Employ the thimble as needed, and tie off your rows nice and tight.

P.S. Every once in a while, I happen on one of my teenage notebooks and spend an hour or two reading through the contents. Most of the writing is eye-roll-inducing, but not those X-Files quotes--they are an effing goldmine. So nerdy!

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