Friday, September 6, 2013

VSCO Cam Freebies

Image via VSCO Journal

Several weeks ago I wrote about using and loving the VSCO app, and I thought I'd give a little heads up about a limited edition preset pack (which sounds like something Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite would try to sell you--it's not) VSCO created in conjunction with the menswear designer Street Etiquette. The price? Why, it's free. You can download the SE preset pack from VSCO Cam's in-app store.

If the look of the app's presets has gotten you all intrigued about what Street Etiquette is all about, there's a nice feature on the VSCO Journal about SE founders Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. You can also visit the Street Etiquette website or follow Joshua and Travis on Instagram @streetetiquette.

While we're talking free, VSCO is currently offering a free Levi's Commuter preset pack available for download through their in-app store. And, in general, their presets are quite reasonably 99 cents. Here are a couple Mt. Rainier pics I edited using the two free apps. Have fun!

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