Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Peanut and Purls and Shelving

We all know it's true. Cats are the ultimate helpers when you want to organize, build something, or rearrange. Genevieve and Peanut were both on hand to help organize my new shelving wall upstairs. I've been thinking about what to do with the upstairs for a while now (well, like 2 months), and this last weekend, I finally made headway.

After a quick Sunday trip to Ikea (I'm very brave), I had the necessary shelving to turn my one slanted upstairs wall into the craftacular cube area I dreamed of.

It's everything I wanted and more. It's become the coziest little nook to keep all my special craft things, and it's tucked away from the rest of upstairs so you don't even notice it at first. I did realize that I have too much yarn (nonsense!).

I decided to put PW's favorite cat cottage upstairs. Like it? Want to make your precious Peanut-like cat one? Go read about how I made this little cat cottage last year.

This post has a lot of cat butts in it, but then again, who doesn't love a cat butt?

The perfect accessory to PW's cat cottage is my little ticky tacky house boxes hand painted, courtesy of Monika. She made me two for Christmas one year then I decided to paint a couple more. You can also make some of those for yourself, read about it here. Can you spy my painted yo-yo in this? Because you can read all about Monika painting us some old fashioned toys too!


  1. OMG! I have a lot of catching up to do. I had no idea you crafty sisters were back at the blog again. I guess I got so out of habit of checking daily for updates that the habit was broken. But then today, on a whim while having lunch at my desk, I thought I'd see if you gals were back and you are! and I'm totally behind and need several lunch readings to catch up. LOL!

    I'm totally jealous of the open space to decorate and create your craft (and cat) haven upstairs. That's so awesome!

    Yay! Must get back to work, but I'll be sure to be back to catch up on everything I've missed.

    :) Heather in Toronto


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