Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yo-Yo, best check it out.

Okay so I was strolling around a craft store last month and found some lovely little wooden yo-yos.
 I was naturally drawn to them on account of the wood and the possibilities.
So I purchased three (for three sisters) and knew right away what I wanted to do.

all natural.

acrylic arsenal.

I wanted to use primary colors, I have really been attracted to them lately,
maybe because of their simplicity.

blood has been shed.

Even though I really probably shouldn't have, I painted a base of egg shell on two
of the three yo-yos. I left the third without to mix it up a bit.

the plan has been drawn out.

The designs I choose were also, like the colors, basic.
I went with a triangle, pentagon and some other quadrilateral.

reviewed and fortified.

 I used a flat angled brush to paint in the shapes, I put on several coats to get the colors extra rich.



  1. Now we just have to remember how to yo-yo.

  2. There have to be plenty of youtube videos out there to guide us. I will practice and then show off at nought christmas.

  3. @Christine and Monika lol I know right! BTW really gotta try this! Been losing a yo-yo or two! :D


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