Monday, October 17, 2011

Splendid spiders

Consider yourself warned.

Yes, I realize I have been posting quite a bit about spiders lately. At least, I feel like I have. And there are several things about spiders I have not posted (you're welcome?). But it's fall, and the arachnids are out in force and must be documented.

At the top of the Sisters in California to-do list was a trip to the Natural History Museum of LA County.

Of course Monika and I wanted to see the dinosaurs and the natural history dioramas featuring long deceased animals, but I was also waaaay excited to check out their Spider Pavilion.

It's possible that Monika was less excited, but the spiders quickly won her over.

Especially, this little lovely: the Nephila clavipes, commonly known as the Golden Silk Orbweaver.

Just look how excited Monika is!

Isn't nephila a beautiful name? 

We think so.

If you listen closely around 29 seconds, you can hear me voice some concern. I mean, I really wasn't that concerned. These spiders aren't poisonous, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have squealed and fallen over backwards if one happened to touch me. Just saying...

Hooray for spiders!

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