Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Make mine minerals.

I hope you're ready to accept the fact that you'll be forced to live parts of my trip to California for the next week or so. And a large part of that trip involves the Natural History Museum of LA County...what's cooler than science and history? Practically nothing.

Monika and I went insane over the mineral display at the Museum. I think we spent the most time there, and at the end of our visit, we were in agreement that the mineral hall was the awesomest part of the trip. The. Awesomest. 

Elbaite Tourmaline on Quartz

Okenite with Gyrolite and Calcite.
Eat fuzzy, get dizzy.



Spinel on Calcite, like the caption says.

 The only thing that came close to the mineral room was probably the bird room. 
Because that's where we finally learned what birds are! Class: Aves

Monika makes the discovery!

And Science marches on. 

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