Thursday, August 15, 2013

Made and Found: House Warming!

First off I just have to comment on how the internet is a devious marketing machine. Every website I visit, including the blog, is showing me an add for a designer, or store (down to the item I was looking at!) that I recently visited. It's really creeping me out, and yet again makes me realize that the internet is too smart.

Okay, now for the real post! You may remember Dawn and Jay, from Dawn and Jay our roommates, well they moved on and moved out last month. Boy, oh boy, did they find a lovely new house.

There are so many wonderful things about their new home, it's spacious, a great location, and it features fun accents that definitely prove to make any added decor smashing. Also, there is a chicken coop in the back, and yes, there will be chickens.
So for this addition of Made and Found, I would like to share the secrets I found at their house!

Number one, she has a pomegranate tree, and it's super healthy, and the fruit keeps getting bigger. I can't wait until they are ripe and I can eat all the treats she makes from them.

Also, I love this fabric! Dawn had some lampshades she made with it in Austin, but luckily had enough to also make some beautiful pillows for the hammock.

And would you just look at these floors! Take a gander at the shoes while you're at it, Christine got them at Old Navy (I think) and when I was home I totally paid her $7 for them. Worth it.

A party at Dawn's wouldn't be complete without two things; jungle juice (which is awesome)...

And Nikki! As per usual when I go visit Dawn, Nikki attacks me with love and attention (until someone else new comes through the door). When he was sitting on my lap I tried to take a photo of us, but it really didn't work. Nikki's enormous ears pretty much blocked my face, and part of the sun.

So that's the party so far, I say so far because we are still at the party; and I am rudely sitting on the bed completing this post. I am completing this post, and on speaker phone with Ben, talking to Mom and Christine. We are actually just saying happy birthday to her, and she just said, 'that's the power of paper' which is such a sisters thing to say.

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