Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Peanut and Purls (and letterpress)!

As you might remember, I recently moved into my very own home. It's exciting, decorating-wise everything is like a blank canvas! Seriously, some of the walls are still blank, and it's kind of driving me crazy. I'm trying to be thoughtful and calculated with my decorating. I absolutely love letterpress cards. The feeling of a good letterpress card in your hand is hard to beat (you can feel the texture of the press and it's just wonderful). I collected some of my favorite letterpress cards from some of my favorite people. I look at the pile and remember important milestones in my life and the people that helped make them special. This pile represents first trips to Europe, my MPA graduation, birthdays, and homebuying, just to name a few!

I bought some inexpensive plain white frames from Ikea (they come with a little matte). I framed each one of them, cutting them down when need-be. Penelope was there to help, obvi. I think I started with 11, but I have plans to add more. I dream of having a letterpressed wall from floor to ceiling.

My dad once taught me a little trick where you measure out your wall space and then measure out the same space on the floor. You can arrange your pictures and then it's easier to transfer them to the wall frame by frame. I organized them in the hall floor.

Oh, weird. What's that? It's a little fluffy Peanut. Thanks for helping place the seashell card PW!

Next thing you know, voila! The hallways is transformed from blank....

To letterpressed!

Some of my absolute favorite cards come from Rifle Paper Co. Seriously, it's like "what do you gotta be so good?" Also, anyone else think of A League of Their Own every time you hear that? No, just me? Ok.

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