Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Peanut & Purls...& Pain

I know this looks like PW is a brutal little beast, but she didn't really mean to scratch me
You see, she was taking a little nap in her pod when the wind blew a piece of paper off the chair next to her. I didn't see this happen, but Christine witnessed the whole thing. Peanut leaped out of the pod, into the tree sitting next to her and back flipped onto the ground. Apparently paper fluttering while napping is a terrifying thing. I guess I could understand that. Thinking she just needed a little friendly pat, I tried to pick her up and that's when terrified Peanut attempted to defend herself from the terror that was paper and me.

I learned my lesson. Also, liquid band aid hurts really, really bad.

Even with a damaged finger (and it's on my left hand and I'm left-handed so it's kind of troublesome), I've decided to start knitting. It's a quick knit, but luxurious, pillowy, and super floofy!

I've been saving this yarn for about 2 years. It's bulky baby alpaca by Plymouth yarn! It's super swoon-worthy! Even the label with the little illustrated baby alpaca makes me "eeeekkkkkk."

I'll post pictures once it's done. Have a great Wednesday!

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