Friday, August 23, 2013

Best of Aerial Views of Water

Summertime and the living is easy; and there is nothing difficult about looking at aerial shots of water either. Over the summer I have found myself more and more drawn to looking at images such as these. I think that water is just so facisnating (more so living than chlorinated), and mysterious. So naturally I love to gaze down at it from above and examine it while daydreaming.

Also, lets just throw this out there, I love these because they look like little aquatic dioramas. I am not ashamed of that truth more on that later...

From YouthFolly Tumblr, original instagram by: ananya_sood

How can you not love this, while secretly wishing that was you on the surf board dangling your feet in the water, but really knowing that it would be terrifying because you are a land mammal. Still I can stare at this for hours (well long minutes at least).

Killian & Co. , Source: idealmente

I'm not a strong enough swimmer for this, but look at the beautiful patterns the water makes around that tiny man. Keep it up ocean, you're doing great.

*wit + delight tumblr Source: Unknown

I am not a huge fan of pools, since I always imagine them to look more like a water park (see first picture) rather than a watery sanctuary of relaxation. This pool though I could most definitely get behind, or in for that matter. It looks even more refreshing after the hot, still hot, day we had today in the valley. Sigh, someone get me a hose I guess we'll have to make due.

Murray Mitchell A hidden beach

I don't even know what to say about this one, other than, I want to go to there.

I hope you enjoyed these fun aerial views of water, I know I do time and time again. Just to throw another favorite thing in the mix, if you too like miniatures, you should check out this post on some of my favorite miniaturists, including Jonah Samson (and if you are a brazen sort, make sure you go to his pleasantville). For the immediate, just enjoy his tiny hidden beach.

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