Saturday, August 31, 2013


This summer I have made it a point to do more of this, relaxing in my room reading or embroidering, but key word, relaxing...

Sometimes my little monster comes a calling and demands to be let up on the bed. She used to just take it, and jump straight up with out the go ahead, but I think she forgot how.

I don't want to just relax, I also made it a point to reintroduce regular Disneyland trips back in to my life. We've already gone three time this month, and I'm super excited for Catherine to visit and we'll go again!!

My favorite part about our last visit would have to be Eddie, he was so lovely and reminded me of Olive, which the sisters would tell you that a lot of animals remind me of Olive. I think it's the dark thoughtful eyes that I find familiar.

Not only is this a fund D land shot, but a call back to a childhood of braiding horses tails. Bye Eddie, until next month.

If you would like to see more pictures of animals and animals posteriors, you should follow me on instagram, @monikajane. Have a great long weekend everyone!

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