Saturday, August 10, 2013


Recently my Mister and I went a traveling back to Washington. We had an early flight, which we missed, and spend the morning in the Burbank airport. As a consolation, we did see Bill Nye the Science Guy...!

On our trip back home we celebrated Ben's Mom's 60th Anniversary, it was such a fun day.

Later that night (much later) I folded all the "Happy Birthday" confetti I could find up. I liked doing it, what can I say.

No Washington trip is complete without Mom's house!! Here is a lovely shot of her garden, cherries and all.

When I got home, Olive resumed her cheeky behavior. Here she is trying to sneak on to the bed. Like I can't see you Olive.

Oh yeah, Ben and I renewed our season passes to Disneyland! This is a shot from California Adventure's Hollywood. Going again on Sunday, and I'm super excited!

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