Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Handmade Home: Bless this Mess

So things just recently started shifting around the homestead, and the mantle is no exception. I rearranged, threw together, and mashed up some things, made, found, and given to create a lovely focal point in my living room that makes me smile. I do think it's a bit cluttered, but the Nicolai Sisters, although they would love to be simplistic and stylish, tend to always backslide in to collectors (and maybe slightly hoarders) of various pretty and sentimental things. Now for a closer look...

I painted (yes more gold spray paint) a frame to showcase two lovely and very special cards from my sisters. Thanks Sisters!!

I love these shells and corals, compliments of Christine and the shell box (more to come on that), with the backdrop of my geometric brown paper bag painting.

This arrangement is a reminder of Dawn. She flipped this cute glass and metal dish upside down to elevate more beachy collectables. This particular glass container was purchased by Ben at a thrift store back home in Washington. I think he really got it because the lid (which I removed) had a kitten etched on it and said 'Becky'.

Also featured, ceramic cockatoo, bottom right corner of the antique frame is a piece of mossy bark from the battle of Chancellorsville where Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded, and the stag horn fern Ben bought for me at a little nursery in San Diego on our five year anniversary. No wonder I like walking in to my living room nowadays.

I also wanted to share this little picture of my kitchen window, where I am collecting found feathers (after disinfected, all we need is bird lice), and my air plants love to soak in a cup then drip dry.

So excited to share more about my feathers!

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