Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Handmade Home: Pillow Talk

Do you ever just sit inside on a Saturday morning and look around the living room for little ways to improve your space; then later look at the clock and realize you've spent your entire day slaving over a new project? Welcome to the weekend!

This weekend Ben's Mom came in to town and I wanted to freshen up the living room with some new pillows (and had a dual purpose of shrinking the size of fabric stores that needed to be put away). So here's some Tuesday pillow talk...

It didn't take long for me to decide on what fabrics to use, and what colorful parings I wanted with them. I ended up with a nice little hodgepodge.
I love zippers because they can add that delightful little hint of hidden (or not so hidden, as is the fashion of the day) color to compliment and give a little kick to your sewing projects. I do not love zippers because they are a pain to sew, but for pillow covers they are a must for cleaning ease.

I could sew pillow cases for days, or anything with nice straight easy lines for that matter...

but it only took me a short while to select, pair, iron, cut, sew and set these new little living room additions.

Done! I really like how versatile they are, I can mismatch my colors and patterns depending on my every waking whim.

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