Thursday, January 19, 2012

DIY: A Little Gift

I made this little gift for Audra, a lovely lady who just celebrated her 30th birthday. It's easy on the eyes, and a fun gift to give and hopefully get. can really have a lot of fun with it, use any small ceramic (or glass) bowl, cup or what have you. I just used a white ceramic cup, but you could really step it up with some crazy colors or make it sweet with some pretty pastels...

To adorn the ceramic cup I wrapped it with a piece of gold ribbon and personalized it with a lovely 'A' for Audra.

If you wanted to give this to your Valentine you could write a little love note and tie it on with ribbon, or cut out a heart and stitch 'be mine' in the center. Really there are endless options. It's like a choose your own adventure book, except with less restrictions and maybe not as titillating.

I was in a Valentine kind of mood and was aching to try out my new heart hole punch so I colored some basic card stock and stamped away. If you don't have a hole punch you can cut out your hearts manually. It's not as hard as you think when they're tiny like that; but I would recommend using the folding method. You know, it's the thing of when you fold a piece of paper in half and make a candy can shaped cut around the fold. You know. Maybe Christine will share a tutorial on it if need be.

Naturally I had to add some fauna to my flora. I love these little deer. Some other things that you can use if you don't have a deer surplus: a nice glass bead, pretty marble, vintage clip-on earring, crystal, small acorn or pine cone (oh I think I may use some of these next time!), a little shell, a rock (you can paint a little heart on it, or the person's name and a little heart).

I used succulents from my flowerbeds, string of pearls and then the other was a clipping gift from my friend Emily last year. I am sure she will be pleased that they are flourishing. I get so excited seeing my
succulents become ever more succulent.

Then to finish just cram them all together, sit back and say "how lovely" <sigh>

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