Thursday, August 1, 2013

Made & Found

 The sisters are always quick to document signs of nature in the city. Technically, we document nature in nature like the woods and stuff too, but anyway, you get what I mean. I found this pretty little seagull feather in downtown Olympia. I promptly picked it up and put it in Chase's face. Christine told me it probably had bird lice on it. It probably did. Now it's on my bookshelf.

Ok, so I get that some people think dead birds are just creepy, but I think there's a beautiful and haunting way their wispy feathers flutter laying there. Plus, you can get really close to a dead bird! I mean it's rare that you get to see that kind of detail. I made my mom take this photo of a crow on the military base. Don't worry. She's fine. She doesn't mind.

While you may not see anything in a dead bird worth photographing (sisters disagree), everyone loves a baby animal! Well, almost everyone. This little baby seagull (pictured lower left) was just as precious as can be. This is taken from a window at my work. The seagulls just finished their hatching season, and Olympia has no shortage of seagulls, hatching and otherwise. After an unfortunate incident last December in Malibu, I should hate seagulls, but I don't. I just hate when they crash into your table and bomb your food. Seagulls always remind me of my grandma. I think she just associated them with the ocean, and being from Minnesota, an ocean bird was a site to see.

Don't fret, we'll have plenty more nature to share with you (alive...and well, you know...beautiful, wispy, and dead too).

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