Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make: Favorite things

So, I've been super busy lately (as have all the sisters). I spent the weekend with Catherine in Olympia, just to come home Sunday night to get up for work Monday morning. To top it all off, we are preparing for the arrival of Dawn and Jay this Friday, so we need to eradicate clutter and reorganize to make our little house a bearable home.

That's why I wanted to take a moment to think about all the fun stuff I made in the past year, and be calm...

These are kind of still my number one favorites. I love these little hot air balloons!!

I do love succulent-ing, so a planty crafty project just has to make the list.

2012 and beyond, the years of the home made merit badges. They take a lot of time, but are so fun to award to your friends and family. Sometimes sisters just need a super nerd or Malibu badge.

One of my fav sewing projects of this last year, my fleur de lis skirt. Thanks again, Mom, for the fabric! (FYI Christine, this was going to be a duvet cover for you, but the fabric seems to have been gifted away...)

How could I gloss over my wolf on the wall... also the mold I used to make the Fantastic Mr and Mrs Fox masks for Halloween this year.

Probably the most gratifying project I took on this last year was helping Dawn with her wedding token napkins. I loved every, hunched-over sewing minute.

DIY tassel necklace of course; I've seen several blogs with similar projects. I wonder if they all stemmed from Martha Stewart--I have since learned that she also endorses the tasseled jewelry.

Paper project, aka plate tectonic cards. I should really get on it and start sending these to the sisters.

I hope you enjoyed these projects!  Next week I'll have something fresh and exciting, so stay tuned.

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