Thursday, February 7, 2013

Home and Away: Wish I Were Away

This week has been stressful for the Nicolai girls, and I'm betting we're all wishing we could get away for a spell. I'm feeling particularly deprived of all things oceanic at the moment and would love to take a trip to Washington's rocky coast, even if it's only 38 degrees and windy as the dickens. I'd also happily plant myself in an aquarium right about now. Nurse sharks, anyone? Anemones? Jellyfish?

I mean, these pictures are nothing compared to Catherine's shots of jellyfish and other invertebrates from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but still. I guess what I'm saying is if my tired eyes had to look at anything else this week, it'd be some moon jellies. Hands down...


  1. What a cute blog you girls have...I especially enjoyed the little toys you made your cat!! I have a cat too...Really, really cute!! Sandy


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