Thursday, February 21, 2013

Home & Away: Getting ready in Burbank

So very soon (as in next Friday soon!) Dawn and Jay will be arriving in Burbank. Not only are we super excited for our friends to be living in the same town as us, we are equally (perhaps misguidedly) excited for them to be living under the same roof as us (until we find our new large castle to commune in).

So last weekend I spent some time doing some cleaning, arranging and beautifying the homestead to get ready for their arrival...

(new welcome mat above, I think it should do the trick)

I took a trip to le plant shoppe, and purchased some new additions to make a lovely welcoming potted arrangement at the front door.

Found a lovely cheery new runner for our bedroom, since our space just changed, I wanted to bring in some lovely cheerful patterns to make sure things stay light and airy (pay no mind to the dog hair in this shot, it has been eradicated, my apologies).

I did some yard work outside, raked, trimmed the sage, mowed (push mower, great lower back workout), and swept the walk way. I know this may be sick to some, but I kind of love yard work... it's so gratifying.

I couldn't let the weekend pass without spray painting something gold; so there you have it.

And there is my finished new potted arrangement. I think it's a nice compliment to the new welcome mat. I'm hoping that the rosemary I planted will be very calming when entering or leaving the house. So that was my weekend. I am certain there will be many more postings about the living transition, as well as more Dawn!

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