Thursday, February 28, 2013

Home & Away: Tacoma

Even though this is a winter bee, it was definitely starting to feel like spring when I was in Tacoma a couple weeks ago. While Mom was at school, I wandered around the yard, taking in the sunshine as well as the flora and fauna. It was all SPRING, GLORIOUS SPRING! And I do admit to having a moment of twitterpation. Not exactly what happens in Bambi when all the loopy birds fall in love with other loopy birds, but more like I was falling in love with the backyard and everything in it. Twitterpated...

While in Tacoma, I had to help Mom give Sully a tetanus shot. When the farrier came to trim Sully's hooves a few weeks back, he cut part of the sole and it wouldn't stop bleeding until he cauterized it. True story. So, Mom had been applying iodine and ointment to Sully's foot and wrapping it in this diaper contraption to keep it dry. (The pasture is, as you can see, quite muddy.) But since Sully hasn't had a tetanus shot in a few years, Mom thought we better get on it. 

Last time Sully needed a shot, Catherine did it--Mom is the holder, we are the shot givers. Turns out, Catherine and I are excellent shot givers. Mom had me read the passage dedicated to vaccinations in her How to Be Your Own Veterinarian book (maybe the best present Dad ever gave Mom), and I was good to go. If you have a horse, you should have that book. And bonus: written by a lady vet. Of course, I had to take a picture to commemorate my first horse vaccine. 

And just so I don't end on a needle/blood picture: here's the fancy cocktail nail treatment Catherine gave me. Perfect for vodka and vaccinating horses, don't you think?

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