Saturday, February 16, 2013


This is another gem from the Museum's Library and Archives correspondence collection. I went through all the Valentine's Day cards, the Easter and Thanksgiving, and most of the Christmas cards. Now I have a nice little collection of vintage inspirations for all my future card-making attempts. Get ready sisters...

Morning at the Air Force Base in Spokane.

And evening. 

I finally took my Christmas tree down this week. Yes, I am only slightly ashamed to admit that it was still up, and yes, I was still putting a light to it every evening. I had to haul it to the yard waste section of the dump because the trucks aren't taking them any longer. Sigh. I was quite sad to see it go. The living room is such a gloomy place now, and Matilda is devastated. She loved drinking from the tree water. It was her connection to the wilderness! Now she just sits in the place where the tree once stood, looking forlorn and thirsty. Poor little mite. I suppose she'll recover some day. Until then...

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