Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peanut & Purls: Kitty Valentines!

Don't forget your feline friends this Valentine's Day. Peanut and Genevieve (and the rest of the cousins) will be getting their valentines, and you can make some too! Follow my lead from Thanksgiving (and check out the Thanksgiving-themed cat toys I made). Using the same simple steps, the sisters and I quickly whipped out three different sweet Valentine's. As per the usual, Peanut assisted...

Grab all your supplies, again, I give more of a detailed step-by-step process from November. Gather your supplies, and your cat, but beware, with catnip involved, things can get dicey.

Christine made a smiley heart.

Monika made a very cute little love letter.

I made a Peanut a little bow.

Of course they're all stuffed with love...and catnip. Peanut was pretty patient, and her waiting paid off. She got to do her favorite thing ever. Hanging out on shoulders and playing with toys--at the same time!

Then she got tired...

Ok, now go make some toys!

If you want more Valentine cat toy ideas, I also knit some little heart toys a few weeks back. Check those out too!


  1. As expected, these are just so sweet and each toy is so gosh darn creative! I can't help but shake my head and think "argh! those sisters did it again!" and wonder whether I'll actually get around to making my Charley the hand-made toys I keep promising him after reading posts like this one. :)
    One day, I promise!

  2. You girls have the cutest blog with your cats!! Little kitty holding on to the letter pillow......sooooooo sweet. Enjoyed visiting very much!


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