Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peanut & Purl: Winter socks

It's officially sock weather. More specifically, it's officially hand-knit sock weather. Nicholas is lucky enough to live with someone (read: me) that knits him socks...
This lovely yarn is going to be knit into some cozy socks. The yarn was purchased courtesy of Nick's mom when we were visiting his parents in Tucson. The yarn is Frolicking Feet by Done Roving Yarns, and the color is Cherry Pits (which makes me want to make a cherry pie). It's 100% superwash merino wool, which let's be honest, is the best kind of wool.

I don't mind knitting a pair of socks every now and again. I think he has 2 pairs so far, the sisters each have a pair (but they're really poorly knit), my mom has 2 pair, and I have one. The first was a basic pair of socks in an orange hue.

I was still pretty new when it came to the sock trade, but Nicholas doesn't really know what to look for, so he thinks they're as swell as can be. I've knit him another pair since then, but I apparently have never photographed them. I'll add that to my to-do list.

As for the Cherry Pits yarn, I still don't quite know what pattern to use on them. I'm kind of smitten with Francie by Rebekkah Kerner. Take a look for yourself, her sock pattern is quite magical!

I also am loving Viper Pilots by Glenna C. Take a peek...

Decisions, decisions! I'll need to decide soon because the secret knitting project I've been working on is almost done!

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