Thursday, February 13, 2014

Peanut & Purls & Lisa Frank oil paints take 2

A couple of months back I started my Lisa Frank oil paint collage to hang somewhere in my new house. The first sticker to paint was the dolphin. I always loved that dolphin. Well since then I added a shark and some cats in a sneaker.
I'm currently working on the classic "sundae in space." I'm not sure if that's what LF would call it, but it's what I call it. Don't remember that one? Take a look, you will.

Some of Lisa's stickers evoke more memories for me thank others. I need to keep a growth management plan in mind for this project. I have started ranking what stickers are going to get a prize spot. The stickers below definitely make the for sure (the keyboard sticker, not the dancing penguins).

Genevieve was kind enough to oversee my progress. She's always such a nice helper. You know, the quiet and observant kind--not like Peanut.

Since the aforementioned "sundae in space" picture was taken, there has been a disaster of Peanut proportions. For the second time in one week, Peanut had an incident involving oil paints and her fur which in turn means she had an incident with dish soap and water. The sundae is a little ruined. I will fix it, but it pains me to see the un-smeared version in this picture. This picture of wet Peanut is from my lunch break today. She's being extra clingy tonight and feeling pretty sorry for herself.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling pretty sorry for my sundae in space.


  1. I thank God I can still pick an apple off my tree and eat it on the spot without having to worry about chemicals.

  2. Mille merci pour tout.
    Tu es incroyable, mille bisous pour toi.

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