Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Peanut & Purls and a cat house from UP

I've been planning on making Peanut her very own UP house for a while now.  On a Monday night, the urge became too strong. Four days later, and this is what I have. It's a monster of a cat house (quite large), but I love it! 

Most everyone has seen UP, and if you haven't, stop reading this, get on Netflix, and fix that right away! There's something about the UP house that just makes me really happy. If only there were a way to add some balloons to her house. I might have to think about that one...

I've blogged about my love of cardboard cat houses before. Peanut loves her other cat houses. I've made her a little cat cottage and a farm house. The brilliant thing about cardboard cat houses is that they're practically free. I used paint, a glue gun, tape, and cardboard boxes--all things I already had around the house. All the detail is made with cardboard. Go ahead, take a closer look.

I hope I've inspired you to attempt a cardboard house for your cat! They'll certainly appreciate your efforts!


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