Thursday, February 27, 2014

Made & Found: Glass

I feel like it's always feast or famine with our glassware situation at home. In the past year I have purchased over a dozen glasses that are no longer with us. Luckily I hit the jack pot and found these nice pint glasses that remind us who was boss in 1953.

Kentucky Derby, US Open Golf Champions, National Basketball Champions, and All Time Greats; I'd definitely say these glasses are all time greats. Just in case you were wondering here are the top five on the All Time Greats glass; Jim Thorpe (athlete), Babe Ruth (baseball), Jim Thorpe (football), Jack Dempsey (fighter), and George Mikan (basketball). Not sure who some of these gentlemen are but I can say that the race horse Man O'War even made it on the cup.

I also found some more interesting glasses to have just in case, I figure that if I have back up the likelihood of me breaking a glass would be less. My theory is things only happen at the most inconvenient times, so if I always have back ups then it'll never be inconvenient, and I'll never break a glass. It would actually be a convenience to break on then I'd have more room in the cupboard. Wow, apparently I've really thought about this.


  1. I have one of the derby glasses too--I think from 1954. Treasures in my glass tumbler hoard.

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